§  Starfire: Go on, Beast Boy. (Giggles)

§  Narrator: As children, Prince Beast Boy and Princess Raven weren't exactly the best of friends.

§  Narrator: But as they grew up, they began to see each other differently. Then before their kingdoms could unite...

§  Narrator: Raven was stolen away by an evil demon...

§  Beast Boy: RAVEEEEEEEENN!!!

§  Trigon: Raven is mine.

§  Narrator: ...transforming her with a powerful spell.

§  Beast Boy: Wherever you are, I'm gonna find you.

§  Narrator: The Swan Princess. An exciting, delighting, magical, musical fantasy.

§  Starfire: "Beauty and glamour and greedy to match"

§  Chorus: "Princesses on parade"

§  Narrator: Feauturing the characters of Mushu...

§  Mushu: To the rescue, Mademoiselle.

§  Narrator: Starfire...

§  Starfire: Queen coming through here. Parodon me. Pardon me.

§  Narrator: Trigon...

§  Trigon: Don't give me that look, missy.

§  Narrator: And Ox.

§  Tantor: Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah...

§  Narrator: Now, Swan Raven and her faithful friends from the Forest are searching for Prince Beast Boy…

§  Iago: SLOW DOWN!

§  Narrator: To reveal the swan's secret. A spell that can only be broken by looking beyond the feathers to find the beauty inside.

§  Raven: Hello, Beast Boy.

§  Beast Boy: Raven?

§  Narrator: Come share a timeless tale of legendary love. The Swan Princess. An enchanting animated adventure.